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We are excited to announce that we will be carrying UK brand Beau Loves at The Boys and the Babe this Fall.  

Beau Loves was founded 2010 by Faye Wilde.  After studying Fashion at Central Saint Martin’s and hot-footing it between London and Paris, starting a children’s label was never the plan.  But the old cliché is very real, your whole world changes once you have a baby, and now Faye wouldn’t want it any other way.  Inspired by her fearless, fun-loving little boy Beau, and the stuff he loves, his personality is stamped over every inch of each collection.

The Beau Loves brief is to create a quirky collection of gender-neutral clothes (where possible) that are adventurous, fun, stylish and creative.  Beau Loves aim is always the same - to be unique, to stand out from the masses and to match to the beat of their own drum, as all children are unique and we should celebrate this.

 The Fall collection, Secret Eye Society, launches on August 7th.