About us

Welcome to The Boys + the Babe!  We are a sister, brother + wife team based in Houston, Texas.  Our families and children inspire all that we do. The products we offer are distinctively modern and well-made in design yet playful and exciting for both parents and kids. We strive to bring our customers unique children's goods and apparel that we hope you love as much as we do. 

And the inspiration behind The Boys + the Babe brand: our 5 handsome boys and 1 stylish little babe.  


Mommy of 4 (READ: master multitasker and brains behind this operation) with a knack for decorating, crafting, and keeping up with the latest trends in microfashion.   


Veronica's baby brother, bread and pastry baking enthusiast, photographer, and avid Houston sports fan.  Head of creative matters at The Boys + The Babe.   


Wife + sister-in-law, mama to 2 boys, and Registered Dietitian.  Lover of food, wellness, and frilly things.